Architectural Design
InterDesign Architects mold facility design options from a balance of program needs (carefully discovered through questions, discussions, and consensus with the client), project budget, and leading edge design innovations. Architectural design services include new construction, additions, and renovations.

Master Planning
InterDesign Architects and Landscape Architects team with clients to create master planning documents that show future vision, priorities, and capacity for development. A range of master planning documents tools offered include: rendered plans and perspective drawings, models, video, facility and site assessment/analysis, signage (doesn’t seem to fit?), design guidelines, implementation strategies, and capital campaign tools.

Sustainable Design and LEED Certification
InterDesign has Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accredited professionals and is a member of the US Green Building Council. We work with clients and our consultants to create sustainable designs that reflect the programming vision and budget for our projects.

Interior Design
The Interior Design professionals of InterDesign are an integral part of the design process to create beautiful, comfortable, and highly functional spaces within the project budget. Interior Design services include: furniture selection and procurement, space planning, finish selection, art selection, window treatment selection and/or design, signage design, custom millwork design, lighting selection, and accessories selection and placement.

Space Planning
InterDesign Architects and Interior Designers create innovative layouts maximizing the use of available square footage with efficient functional relationships of spaces. Space planning services are provided for a variety of clients ranging from industrial to senior living.

ADA Compliance
The Americans with Disabilities Act is essential to the design of our building and site projects to meet the needs of all users. InterDesign ADA services are not limited to new construction, renovation, and addition designs, but we also offer current facility ADA and life safety analysis.

Landscape Architecture
InterDesign site architecture plays an important and prominent role in the success of our projects from site selection to landscape design. Landscape Architectural services include site analysis/selection, site circulation and parking, native plant landscape design, site signage, site layout, site furnishings selection and/or design, sports field and playground design, grading, fencing, and lighting.

Project Specifications
As the process of creating a new structure moves forward, there can be a breakdown in communication and important details can be overlooked if accurate project specifications are not created. InterDesign specifications are the backbone of our comprehensive construction documentation providing the contractor with detailed direction requirements for products and procedures necessary to complete a building as envisioned by the Owner. These specifications also provide project schedules, sequencing, and submittal requirements.

Before we begin designing a new facility, we need to know as much as possible about how that building will be used. This can be difficult with new buildings that may not have an existing programming model to reference. This is where the extensive background and heritage of InterDesign really matters. In those cases, our research includes touring existing structures used for the same purposes our clients have in mind for the new project. We observe the needs of the people using those spaces so that we have a comprehensive idea of what our clients need to incorporate in their new building designs. We don’t just design a building to be aesthetically pleasing, we also design a building as a specific architectural response to our client’s needs.

Design-Build Criteria Development
A divergence from more traditional construction delivery systems, the design-build method has gained popularity in recent years. With design-build, design and construction services are contracted by a single entity that accepts all responsibility for a project. At the same time, design-build is a collaboration joining the designer and the builder, enabling the design and building processes to coexist simultaneously. Design-build responds more readily to a client’s wishes and minimizes risk. With our design-build criteria development, we help clients determine whether that method is right for them.

Construction/Contract Administration
No building or renovation happens without a significant amount of paperwork. There are permits, contracts, pay applications, schedules—the paper just piles up. With InterDesign’s construction contract administration, we handle all that paperwork for our clients. It can be a very tedious part of the construction process, but it’s essential to getting the job done right.

Facilities Assessment
Showing clients what they have and what they may need to consider in the future is typically what InterDesign does for facilities assessment requests. We assess the condition of an existing building and provide suggestions on how that building can be used in the future. Space planning, energy improvements, code violations and updates are just some of the aspects we address. Of course, we also provide solutions to problems that stand between our clients and their goals.

Cost Estimating
A client’s budget, of course, has a large impact upon the project. We will help you to determine your anticipated budget needs and we will help you compare those costs with the needs of the future facility. There is nothing more frustrating for anyone than being shown a project solution only to find out it does not fit the budget available. Conversely, finding out later that a project was designed inadequately from the start is equally painful. Through meticulous cost estimating that takes into account mutually agreed upon criteria, we formulate a plan that provides the best possible outcome to match any budget.